Which shed roof is best?

slatted roof

Which shed roof is best?

Picking a shed? Tooooo many options? We know, it’s complicated.

So, we thought we would start and explain some of them too you. Throughout our site we have a variety of garden buildings, all with a variety of options and extras.

Over the next few articles we are going to start at the top and work our way down.

What options do I have for my Shed Roof?

We offer two options, a standard felt or timber slatted. Roofing Felt or Roofing Slats. You will have seen both, but deciding which to use can be difficult if you don’t know much about either.

Roofing felt

A standard option. You will see roofing felt on most sheds. Often in different colours, green, red or black. On a normal installation we use green mineral felt. Mineral felt is an economical, waterproof fibre-based material. Finished with a fine coloured slate powder. They have an average lifespan of between 10 and 15 years depending on where the shed is and how exposed the roof is. It comes in large rolls and then is fixed in place. Its great as a cheaper option and useful is the roof is an awkward size or shape.

Slatted Timber Roofs

As an optional extra, we can provide a slatted timber roof. We install the slatted roof over the top of the roofing felt. The benefits are that you get double the cover to start with. We use tantalised (pressure treated) wood. Its more durable and offers better water resistance. The life expectancy is double that of roofing felt at around 30 years. So, for exposed locations its ideal.

Which shed roof is best?

Both options have their benefits. For the longest lasting option? Then we would always recommend the slatted timber roof. Of course, it depends on your location and what your shed is going to be doing. Open locations like allotments need greater protection. If you want a longer lasting, less maintenance option then its slatted roof all the way. If it’s a garden shed under the cover of a large tree? Then you might want a cheaper option like the mineral felt.

Want to chat?

If you want to find out more about either option then get in touch with us and we can tell you more. Both options are available on all our sheds and summerhouses. You can see the full breakdown of prices on each building.

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