Planning permission for A summerhouse

Planning permission for a summerhouse

Planning permission for A summerhouse

Thinking about getting a summer house? Wondering about planning permission for it?

In the main you don’t need planning permission for a summerhouse or garden room. But, if your summerhouse covers over half the garden you will need to get permission. Also, you will need permission if it is not for domestic use. Or it is over 2.5 metres high with a pent roof or 4 metres high with an apex roof.

Do I need Planning Permission?

There are a set of guidelines within Permitted Development for summerhouses. As long as it satisfies the Permitted Development rules, you won’t need permission. Permitted Development for Householders (Technical Guidance) has some set of rules to follow.

For Permitted Development the greatest height restriction is 2.5m max height. This is within a two-metre boundary of your property.

For buildings outside England then you may need to double-check the regulations. Of course, to be sure, always check with your Local Planning Authority. Planning rules in your area may differ depending on the location. Check on new build estates or on listed buildings. Designated Land, conservation areas or areas of outstanding natural beauty have extra permission too.

Building regulations apply to any building that takes up more than 30 square metres. Including both temporary and permanent structures.

Do I need to measure for a summerhouse? Yes!

It will be vital to have accurate measurements. You will need them to make sure you comply with Permitted Development regulations. Plus, you need to consider delivery and building access.

Start by measuring the height of the structure from the ground level. This needs to be where you intend to build your summerhouse. If your garden or plot is not level, for example, if the ground slopes, then measure from the highest part.

A couple of extra things to think about

• Outbuildings are not permitted forward of the original elevation of your property. This pretty much means no summerhouse in the front garden!

• Any summerhouse or outbuilding can only be single-storey. Don’t get too carried away, leave those plans for a balcony for another time.

• The greatest height for a summerhouse with a flat roof or eaves height still needs to be within 2.5m. This is if you are going to build within two metres of the property boundary. In a larger plot with a greater distance between the property boundary and the cabin, you can have a height of 3m. If you are using an apex roof that increases to 4m.

• It’s not the only height that matters, size does too! Your summerhouse should not be more than 50% of the total area of available land. Your summerhouse can’t take up more than half your garden space.

Permitted Development regulations say your summerhouse can’t be a self-contained living area. It’s the perfect excuse to keep it as a hideaway!

If you are in any doubt contact us and ask! We know our garden buildings inside out, so we should be able to help you out with whatever you need to know.